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Branding Workshop.

I was honored to be at TechCamp - Tripoli Program as a branding tutor.
This program aims to graduate a group of developers in this field to create competencies capable of starting their projects and engaging in an entrepreneurial environment.

The Program was organized by Tatweer and Hive space.
Spposored by UNDP Libya Delegation of the European Union to Libya.


About Advertising 

Thank you for the passionate attendees and DERAZ Corner for the friendly professional organizing.

The lecture passed quickly that was titeled "About advertising", Concepts, Advertising industry, Advertising history and Advertising in Libya.

I consider this lecture as part of building the culture of giving and I hope that I have been successful in delivering some useful information to attendees.


Alwataniyah Radio Covers Dwaya in Tunis. 

An interesting conversation was with the Tunisian Radio Al-Wataniya, covering Dwaya art exhibition through breaking the ice project, which aims to strengthen the cultural relations between the two countries, Libya and Tunisia.


Refugio Program

Refugio is a program organized by DERAZ Corner that aims to support young people who have ideas for actionable projects and preparing them to start practical steps towards achieving these projects and get them appearing to life.

I was happy to be on the jury to select these projects and get to know young motivated people.



It was an honor to be nominated as one of the best 10 projects through search for identity competition "Erth".

The presented projects were from all over Libya and they all about the Libyan identity and how to express it through tangible ideas to be seen as projects, My project was about a street photography book to document the living event that is happining in Tripoli weekly, It took me about one and half year to collect the photographs and the stories behind them.

I hope to see this book coming to life in the near future.



Mini MBA Marketing Management.

Dr. Mohamed Sakr awards the certificate of marketing management after 3 weeks of intensive friendly course. Thank you Mr. Sakr.



22 to 27 JUN 2018, Waraq art foundation organizing the ACROSS BORDERS exhibition in Vienna.
The project represent 12 Libyan artists and thier works
I was lucky to be one of them. Thank you Waraq.


Part Of the article that was written about our exhibition "Dwaya" in Tunisia

Visual Artist Barudi stressed that cultural and artistic initiatives could help bridge the gap between different cultures. “This project expresses our vision of art being a medium to reinforce communication. I hope this strengthens communication between both people,” said Barudi. The exhibition not only served as an opportunity for exchange between Tunisian and Libyan artists, but provided a platform for the latter to share their vision of art and reflect on the struggles facing artists.... “The situation of art in Libya has been affected like all areas of life,” said Barudi. “… As artists, we should not let these circumstances affect us for we, those with essence, should continue to create and thrive. “I will not give up on showcasing my work in my country. Before exhibiting my work abroad, I will try to do it first in Libya. Even if they closed the gallery, I will display it on the outer walls. If I don’t do this, then I would have admitted the defeat, which I cannot tolerate. My success and triumph should be inside Libya.”
to see the complete article please click here.


Dwaya 2017 Horoofiyat Exhibition.

The exhibition included 22 different artistic works of different styles and techniques. A lecture was also given during the exhibition entitled "The Novels in the Balance" presented by the artist Mohammed Al-Kharoubi, in which he discussed the history of the most important pioneers and the methods used in this art. An interactive workshop was held for the audience. And launch. The exhibition was attended by a large number of interested people, artists and the media.
To know more about Dwaya, please visit


Dwaya 2017 Horoofiyat Exhubition 

 My Son Ali was one of the visitors to Dwaya Exhibition


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