I started doing photography when My designs needed to, But quickly I realized that photography is more and tells more, I started with Commercial photography to use theme in my designs also landscapes were part of it then I found documentay is a duty as an artist with camera to document the world arround me and deliver to people as useful material to see and to know and to analyse. Street photography wasn’t much of an artistic choice or preference , the state of war the country was living in made it inevitable. photography quickly became a threat for the conflicting parties, as well as an unnecessary annoyance to the rest of population, eventually holding a camera became something of a life hazard, The passion for photography didn’t die and looked for a solution then I found the camera in my mobile and I found Street photography through that.

Street Photography

Here you may find some of my street photography works and most of them were taken by mobile


Tripoli, Libya


Phone: +218 91 111 0641

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